Welcome to Vallentuna BusinessCentre!

Carl Axel Olsson founded the Centre in 1994. The centre acts since the start both as a local and as a regional Development and Resource centre for SME´s with the motto: Give the small companies access to the resources that the big companies normally have at disposal.

Members in the centre are:

  • Vallentuna, Federation of Private Enterprises (Vallentuna Företagarförening 170 members)
  • Federation of Private Enterprises in Vallentuna (Företagarnas Riksorganisation i Vallentuna), 140 members
  • National Swedish Federation of Private Enterprises 100.000 members.

The general aim is to

  • Promote the start up of new companies
  • To develop SME´s in the Vallentuna area
  • To be a meeting place for the local entrepreneurship and to expand the business opportunities in the municipality, in Sweden and abroad, and to create a positive business climate.

Vallentuna Businesscenter co-operates with Vallentuna Community and acts as the:

  • Governments operative body to promote development of local SME´s
  • Door opener for the for local SME´s into the government

The main activities in our centre are as follows:

Read more about each activity by clicking the link or in the menu above.

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